Ki Gong Classes

Ki Gong, a traditional healing art specializing in improving health through energy work, breathing techniques, slow easy movements and meditation. It uses simple breathing techniques, easy gentle physical movements and meditation to help your body regulate and heal itself. In this way the respiratory system, muscles, organs, lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive and immune system are all addressed.

Current medical and scientific studies repeatedly come to the same conclusion that Ki Gong is extremely effective in helping with everyday health as well as conditions that include but are not limited to allergies, asthma, arthritis, insomnia, stress management, pain management, PTSD, lung, heart, digestive issues, and anxiety issues. Ki Gong is also equally effective for those who may have limited use of a body part, or a missing body part, through visualization of that part. Ki Gong can be done standing, sitting, lying down and even through visualization only! The only limitations are that there should be a 6 to 8 week wait between surgery and Ki Gong, and that you do not practice Ki Gong while pregnant. Ki Gong is a great supplement to any other fitness program or health program.

Our martial arts school also has self defense classes as well. From Tang Soo Do classes to Tai Chi classes, there is nothing we don't have. Contact Starworld Academy of Tang Soo Do in Sierra Vista, AZ today!