Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi as a Martial Art is the internal expression of Kung Fu movements, poise and balance, but finds applications suitable by two styles of Tai Chi.

Yang Style is most commonly practiced due to its continually slow pace throughout, and is considered for more for health, relaxation and meditation.

Chen Style may be studied more for rootedness, stability, and martial arts/self defense training due to the sudden and unexpected tempo changes which often take the form of fast punches, kicks and other blows.

Sometimes called “moving meditation,” tai chi has been regarded as a martial art and its traditional practitioners still teach it as one. It has developed a worldwide following among many thousands of people for purposes of health and longevity. Tai chi theory and practice is centered on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

Its benefits include health maintenance and stress management. Originally developed in China as a form of self-defense, this graceful form of exercise has existed for about 2,000 years. Tai chi training first and foremost involves learning solo routines, known as forms. And while the image of tai chi in popular culture is typified by exceedingly slow movement, many styles (including the three most popular, yang, wu and chen) have secondary forms of a faster pace.

We have tai chi classes, self defense classes, ki gong classes and more. For more information regarding our martial arts classes, contact our martial arts school at Starworld Academy of Tang Soo Do in Sierra Vista, AZ today!